Always new and different, even when it seems the same, the changeability of the sky fascinates me. The way the sky looks can make me stop talking in mid-sentence or pull the car over when driving. On a cloudy day at a glance the sky appears a uniform gray. A longer study reveals movement, dark and light areas, windows in the clouds where the blue sky shows through.

I paint a cloudy, rainy sky to hold the feeling it gives me. I capture sensuality of soft and misty rain in the early summer and how it feels when it pours buckets after weather that has parched the grass into yellow straw. I paint sunsets that bring to mind the last warmth of the evening and the little chill that runs down my back when the sun falls just below the horizon. I paint clouds that reach to the ground, when the fog rolls in and the wind disappears, and the world is so quiet I feel I must whisper.