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Treasure Island

I took my daughter and granddaughter to see the school’s performance of Treasure Island.  The drama department puts on one play particularly for children every year and invites all the nearby elementary schools to come during the school day to see it.  They also put on one evening performance so others in the community can come.  My granddaughter loved the play, especially the crazy song and dance routine about cheese that somehow fit weirdly into the story (she’s a little cheese lover).  She was tickled to get up onstage afterward and see the props up close.  My granddaughter is two and a-half and calls her daycare The Small School and my internship site The Big School.   It is very exciting for her to come to the big school for an event, just like it is for the younger relatives of the students.

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When we arrived, we saw one of my mentor teachers there with her niece, nephew, daughter, and two great-nephews.  The performance hall was rather full and included family members of the performers, teachers, and many of our high school students.  Several of my students were in the production and it was, as it always is, great to see them outside of class.  I often wonder what other interests my students have.  Art is informed by everything we do and learn and it helps me to better support my art students in class when I know a little of what interests them outside of class.  What was really fabulous was to see how many parents and siblings were there to support their students’ performances.  Cameras were flashing like mad at the end of the play and the pirates were posing with their swords and taking their sisters and brothers backstage to see the workings of the theater.


Students appreciate it when teachers can go to some of the school events.  Even though teachers are really busy, going to even a few extracurricular events during the year is worth more than one might think.  Students remember that a teacher went, and will talk more readily to that teacher.  The same holds true for parents.  Talking to a parent outside the classroom is easy and less stressful for them (and me).  I can chat and get to know parents without them worrying that I am there to talk to them about their child’s failing grade or bad behavior.

And really, even though it’s required for this program, going to the extracurricular activities is encouraging.  They make me feel good about the future.  When my friends start talking about how bad teens are these days, I contradict them.  I remind them that I see teens all day in classes, and also at swim meets, clubs, cultural activities, musical performances and theater productions.  The teens I know are mostly pretty amazing.

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