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Integrated Arts

Art classes, particularly Drawing and Painting classes tend to be light on technology and heavy on the primitive.  We use old-fashioned tools like pencils and brushes.  But the arts are not totally without their reliance on technology.  Even in visual arts, we use more modern technology than we used to.  In Jewelry class, we use instructional videos (on YouTube, among others) that show students how to safely use the tools in the class.  Students learn to cut, drill, file, make cold connections, weld, and form metal using not only hand tools, but gas torches, glass kilns, and drills.

One of the most common uses for computers in art class is as a research tool.  Students can research the history of a particular type of art, or of a culture, or look up photographs to use as references for sculpting realistic animal faces in the ceramics class.  The computer gives them access to far more information than they can find in the school library.

What else can a teacher to incorporate technology into art classes?  One of my mentor teachers shows the following short video called “What’s Art Got To Do With It?” at the start of each semester to the beginning Drawing and Painting classes.  This little video, beautifully done by a student, serves to get students thinking about some of the different ways we communicate through art.  It is a wonderful introduction for new art students.


I am the one of most hopeless computer users, but that is changing.  I took a class two years ago on adding technology to the classroom and learned how to make a movie from still pictures AND add music.  This may be simple for young people accustomed to using the computer, but for me, as for some of our students who are new to this country or have no access to a computer at home, some of the things many students find simple appear frighteningly complex.  I plan to find time (or rather MAKE time) to get to know other teachers where I work after this internship.  Art is intertwined with every other subject.  How wonderful to tie art projects to music, literature, biology, mathematics, chemistry.  Here is my little first attempt at communicating through art using a computer.


Through art, I hope to find ways for my students to communicate more deeply than most of their Facebook posts and Tweets.  I plan to keep learning so I can introduce them to all the tools available for making art, including technology.

~ by anitawesto on April 15, 2013.

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