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Back and forward

I have changed over the course of this year in many ways.  One difference is that I have come to the realization that a great teacher can in fact, teach an almost endless variety of subjects.  I have learned that teaching itself does not rely primarily on subject knowledge (much to my dismay at first) but on teaching skills.  I have spent this internship year working toward improving my teaching skills.  I reluctantly admit that when I started teaching art, I thought I would naturally be a better teacher than people with less art training or skill.  Not necessarily.

That was a huge change in my attitude about teaching.  Interestingly to me, I still have much same vision of myself as a developing teacher.  I still want the same things as I wanted when I started this program last summer.  The biggest difference I have made is that now I have a plan—several plans, in fact.  I have my professional development plan, lesson plans, assessment plans, plans for classroom management, plans for using a variety of teaching strategies, plans for including families and the community in student art.  I have so many plans, I can’t wait to get started with them.

I still believe with every fiber of my being that art has intrinsic value.  I believe that art offers a form of self-reflection, contemplation, and communication which invites people to reach into the depths of their being and literally ‘draw out’ something of value to offer the world.  Now I have some plans about how to get students to reach down deep, find what they have to say to the world, and say it.  

The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.          ~Aristotle

~ by anitawesto on May 6, 2013.