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JK-Just Kidding

During Dr. Mauk’s presentation on bullying this morning, he talked about cyber-bullying, that difficult to monitor vastness of communication and miscommunication.  Cyber-bullying seems worse than face-to-face bullying, because as Dr. Mauk pointed out, cyber-bullying can be anonymous.  It can reach that child anywhere and at any time.  Bullied kids used to be able to get home from school and feel safe for a while but now for some, there is nowhere to go.  I was struck by the texting or internet abbreviation JK (meaning Just Kidding).  When someone says or does something mean and then says ‘just kidding’ or ‘it was just a joke’,  it is just a way to make another person feel bad and then to follow that up by making them feel foolish or guilty about feeling bad.  As comedienne Ellen DeGeneres said, “A joke is when both of you are laughing.”

~ by anitawesto on July 31, 2012.