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Relief Sculpture #4-Collaborative Work introductions

I went home and worried about the collaborative partnerships I designed, wondering if I had gone wrong in my planning or if this kind of thing would work.  By ‘work’ I mean, I want the students to learn how to work together and learn that they can work with people they have not chosen.  I understood why the students asked to work alone but I really wanted this to be a big part of the project.  My mentor teacher and I had talked about it before I left school and I was almost ready to give in and let students work alone.  Then I had a chance to sleep on it and when I woke up, I had a plan.  One thing my mentor teacher reminded me was that many of the students didn’t know each other.  Even though they are together in class every day, they get to know the students who sit near them and don’t even learn everyone’s name.  Plus, they are not adults, they are high school kids.

I devised an introduction activity for the start of class.  Each partnership had a few minutes to talk to each other and find out their partner’s first and last name, plus two facts about their partner that most people in the class probably didn’t know (something their partner did not mind sharing with the class).   Students were to then introduce their partner to the class using what they learned.  My mentor teacher and I introduced each other as an example, so students would know what kinds of things to talk about.  I gave her name and told them she had visited Tibet and China and her favorite food was popcorn, and she introduced me and told them I had lived in Kuwait and I once milked a camel.  After four or five minutes, we went around the class for introductions.  We all learned that one student can read Braille, another can speak six languages, another has more than fifty first cousins (on her Mom’s side), and all kinds of interesting things.  The class then got to work with a much better attitude.

~ by anitawesto on December 16, 2012.

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