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Relief Sculpture #5-Collaborative work log

Teaching is something rigid people probably never choose to do.  It is a constant adjustment.  A teacher has to adjust to the changing needs of her students, the administrations, the curriculum standards, her colleagues, her classroom space, and her resources.  This project is one adjustment after another.

My mentor teacher assures me that this is just how it is with teaching.  One cannot anticipate everything but one must be able to make adjustments and not feel tied to an original plan which is not working.  I really felt that there could be a way for students to work collaboratively on this project but even after the second day of working, some students still had trouble with partnerships.  Several felt they were doing all the work, some felt their partner was bossy, some felt their partner did not listen.  I introduced a new component to the collaborative process.  A collaboration log.

Each student has a paper with their name on it, on which they note the date and write what work they did toward the project.  They write how they collaborated with their partner.  They can also write if they think it is going well or poorly.  If they feel they have done all the work, they can write that. This is their exit ticket.  Each day, during the last few minutes of class, they reflect on that day’s progress.  They turn in the log and get it back the next day to write more on.  It gives both me and the students a great reference for when we assess the projects.

Students are working together better and I am really enjoying reading the collaboration logs.  The students who were resistant to partners have been the best at reflecting on their process and have written things like “Today we collaborated on the sky, brainstorming about what materials to use.” and “We worked together really well today.”  I will certainly use this idea in my own classroom.

~ by anitawesto on December 16, 2012.

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