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Why Art?

I chose to teach art because I love art and want to share some of joy I have gotten from it with students.  Students who didn’t have an art program in elementary school or didn’t take art class in middle school are missing a huge component in their education.  A liberal education used to mean a broad base of knowledge about many subjects.  Art was, and should continue to be, an intrinsic part of that.  Students who do not choose to take a visual arts class should take art appreciation (do schools still teach that?).  I had to take music appreciation in junior high school since I did not play an instrument.  That class led me to value many kinds of music that I would not otherwise have been exposed to.  I learned how to read music in class and even practiced on my grandparents’ ancient, out of tune piano.  It was the start of a life-long love affair with music.

I want my students to know enough about art to appreciate different genres, to have an understanding of how art, culture, literature, science, math, and history are inextricably linked.  I want them to experience the pleasure of knowing something about the artworks they see.  I want them to learn that they have the ability to communicate visually.  Art gives life richness.  A life without art is a poor one.  As the new saying goes:

~ by anitawesto on November 28, 2012.

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